Saturday, December 6, 2008

Place card Box

When we have big family dinners, my mum always likes to have place cards. In a previous life, I think I wrote some for her when I was going through my calligraphy phase. They were pretty good, but we've added five children and some husbands and wives since then, so we needed an update!

I stuffed around with different papers and colours for a while, before I realised I should always just go back to Purely Pomegranate! I also used the Holiday Harmony DSP. I cut out a sheet into A4 size, and then ran it through the printer to print out the names. I was a bit concerned that it might get jammed because it is so much thicker than normal paper, but my printer has an option for "thick normal paper" so I just chose that and it ran through beautifully.

The gold stars are actually brads. I put one of them through the ribbon to test it out, but it made a thread run. So I made all sorts of promises to my husband and he agreed to cut off the backs and flatten them out. I then just glued them on.

As you can see, the box is a bit too long for the cards. That's because of nothing other than sheer stupidity! I drew up a diagram for the box base, measured it all out compared to the cards - all great, should be a beautiful fit. Then when I cut and scored the cardstock, for some reason my brain just decided to measure an entirely different number! So the digram was right in front of me, but I still managed to stuff it up!

Doesn't matter! I think my mum will still like them. She has also asked for a non-Christmas set, so I will take that opportunity to make the box properly!

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